Resources for Educators

Waypoint Book Series values educators. Our main focus is to get children excited about reading. The Waypoint Book Series does more than that though. Not only do kids love the adventure, but the stories create the perfect environment for conducting research, learning geography, history, planning routes, using the internet, and of course exploring the outdoors.  The stories are fictitious, however the locations, landmarks, and history of the sites are based on factual data, and urban legend.

As teachers there are many things you can do to utilize the Waypoint Book Series. 

  • You can read the stories out loud during story time. Many schools start doing this for third grade students.
  • Students can research the locations on Google Earth and Google Maps, this technology allows students to see first hand what the characters are "seeing".
  • Students can create reports based on locations in the books. Researching more in-depth details about the locations, or the events that took place at those locations.
  • Students can draw posters based on their favorite locations.
  • Students can create 3-D dioramas of the locations.
  • Students can practice public speaking by presenting their reports and research.
  • Schools can hold literary nights. For example one school decorated each classroom as a location from one of the books, students had to follow clues and use a map of the school, with coordinates, to find each location. At each location there was an activity or presenter. One school had specialists from various locations, speaking about forest fires, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and even the Bat Biologist from the Oregon Caves, who educated students on the benefits of bats and taught students how to make bat houses.
  • Students can create their own chapter and share it with the class. Students research a location, using longitude/latitude coordinates, then write a chapter to go along with the book.
  • The classroom can research locations from a new state that hasn't been written about. Students can find and agree on important locations, using coordinates, researching history, and physical attributes. 
  • Students can design bookmarks and send jpeg's to the author to use in Waypoint advertising and educational materials.
  • Schools can contact the Accelerated Reader program to request tests for the books. Waypoint: Oregon is on the AR list for some schools. 
  • After reading the first book in the Waypoint Book Series in class, teachers and or schools/librarians can request a school visit from the author. There is no fee for the visit, however travel accommodations may be requested if out of state travel is required. 
  • Students can use/complete the activity work books associated with each book. -Coming Soon!

If you are a teacher or librarian interested in purchasing books, workbooks, or Waypoint products in large quantities (or small quantities and just need help covering the costs) please reach out to us on the CONTACT page, or find us on Facebook.